12 Weeks

We went to the doctor this week and had our third ultrasound….much to our surprise, it looked like a baby!  I haven’t posted any previous ultrasounds because they are just a white blob with an arrow saying “baby.”  I didn’t really felt pregnant until seeing this image, and it had been so amazing to see how fast a mass of cells turns into a sweet baby.  I am measuring ahead at 13 weeks, but my due date is still July 28.  If he/she (I predict she) keeps measuring larger, then they will adjust my date accordingly.

***Sorry for the poor quality photo, taken with my iPhone.

We haven’t done anything terribly exciting recently.  I’ve still been very fatigued and sick, but I hear I should be feeling better soon!  We decided on some nursery colors – I am not a huge fan of overly-themed nurseries in pink or blue.  I saw this image on another blog and absolutely loved the colors; our furniture is white and I just love the contrast of the gray and the white tree.

Happy MLK Day!  Hope you have the day off work!


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