Winter Blues

It has not been a pleasant Alabama winter.  I enjoy the cold weather and snow, but not the ice and sleet.  Last Thursday it began to sleet early in the afternoon;  I can’t complain because I was in the middle of an all-day meeting which was ended 2.5 hours early due to the weather.  Couldn’t have picked a better day myself!  I normally really enjoy the winter, but this year I am ready for spring! 

Upcoming spring projects:

-spring planting/gardening with my Mom

-nursery painting and decorating

-baby bump time!

-adding some patio space to our backyard (right now it’s a giant poopfest for Stanley)

-easter mini-sessions for my wonderful clients including live baby chicks  🙂

-easter/birthday weekend in Pensacola (my birthday falls on easter this year)

-weekend to see my bff in columbia, SC

-party weekend in Tallahassee to see my little sis


Back to dreary winter…here are some winter pictures for you.  Not very exciting, but that’s all I had to work with.

I got home early, put on my jammers, built a fire, and hung out with Stanley.


On the baby front, here’s what has been going on with Baby Culver!  I’m not going to bore you with this every week, but just give a little update every now and then.  We go to the doctor again on Thursday, so may have some more updates after that appointment.

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: lost 10 pounds (but according to my doctor, this will be my starting weight.  boo!)
Maternity Clothes: just bought my first in the past couple of weeks, my old pants are a bit too snug
Gender: we find out February 23rd and cannot wait!!!!
Movement: nothing yet
Food Craving: no real cravings, more aversions, but I’ve been enjoying breakfast food.  lots of brinner at the culvers.
What I miss: eating and enjoying it, red wine
Sleep: i’ve been sleeping great and much more than before I was pregnant
What I am looking forward to: an actual baby bump, finding out the gender in a few weeks!!
Belly Button: in for now
We’re still trying to decide on a shade of gray for the nursery.  You can see the beautiful pink underneath…
I just painted the guest bathroom this weekend, so I’m not in a huge hurry to paint anytime soon!
I think I’ll let Daddy head the upcoming nursery painting project. 😉


Lastly, Chris and I just started Crown Financial Bible Study this week through our church.  Even after one week we both agree that this study is going to be life-changing for us.

Their mission is as follows:

Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.

I think this will have a great impact on our finances and our life.  I look forward to the next ten weeks in our study.


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