It’s a GIRL!

We found out on February 24th at my 18 week appointment that we are going to have a little girl!  The anticipation was KILLING me the entire week before.  I had a busy schedule so I kept myself occupied, but I still woke up every morning that week thinking, “is today Thursday?”  I’ve always been very impatient and I felt like I was ten years old again waiting for Christmas morning.  My mom and Chris’ parents made their way to Birmingham on Wednesday night so they could be at the ultrasound the next morning with us.  It was so special to have all of our family surrounding us when we found out it was a girl!

As you can see, she was very cooperative…

Shot from the top of her head…look at those little arms!

Profile shot…she was wiggling around so much we had a hard time getting a good one.

I also got some more good news…I’d lost two more pounds!  I’ve been eating much healthier and it’s really better for the baby that I’ve lost, so I’m glad to see some results!

I also started to feel her kick that very night.  It is very faint and can easily be mistaken for something else, but I’ve felt her every day since and developed a nice little baby bump.  More details and pictures to come.




While my mom was in town we decided to work on our little backyard project and I’m so glad we did!  The backyard is so incredibly small and we were only able to utilize about 1/3 of it before this remodel.  The soil is cursed from having dogs live here for ten years straight, so after many unsuccessful attempts of grass growing and multiple varieties of plants we will be doing lots of container gardening going forward.

My mom gets some serious credit here because I could not lift one of those concrete slabs.  There was plenty to do otherwise, but she did a great deal of the hard labor.  We had a great time and I’m so happy with the results.  It will look so much better once spring is here and I can begin planting.

(images taken with my iPhone, so please excuse the poor quality.  my portrait lens just wouldn’t cut it to get these wide shots.)

BEFORE (ick):





Hopefully these hedges with grow quickly to cover the beautiful air conditioning vents…


A flowerbed in the corner where I’m anxiously waiting to plant some spring perennials…





A little Valentine’s Day flashback since I forgot to post these.  This was a very special occasion because it was the first time I cooked since coming out of my own personal hell known as the first trimester of pregnancy.  Also leading into half of the second.  But I am VERY blessed to be with child, don’t get me wrong.  I’d do it over again in a second, and I’m sure I will a couple more times.  Anyway, I cooked the Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stew with Mushrooms and it was delicious!  Took a few pics to prove that mine looked just like hers if not better!


I’m teaching Chris how to use my camera.  He composed this picture of his drink and the potatoes he peeled.  He’s off to a good start.  😉


Finished meal…delicious!!!


And of course, a Valentine’s dessert…

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!




Next weekend I’m going to visit my bff Whitney in South Carolina and we are going to visit Ikea and plant a vegetable garden.  Looking forward to a great weekend!


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