24 Weeks

I hate pictures of myself.  But my family all live far away and my sister is really far away.  So this is for you!  And although I hate it now, I know I’ll look back and be glad I took some pictures!  Plus Chris is learning to use my camera so I can have some pictures with our children as well.
How Far Along: 24 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 8 pounds
Maternity Clothes: all maternity pants, I can still wear some pre-pregnancy shirts (like the one pictured)
Gender: GIRL!!
Movement: Lots of movement, I actually saw my stomach move out of the corner of my eye last night!  Chris has been able to feel her kicking since 22 weeks.
Food Craving: no cravings and no real aversions either, I feel the same as before I was pregnant
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach, easily reaching my toes
Sleep: sleeping great!!
What I am looking forward to: 16 weeks to go!  we’re going to start on the nursery next month so that should be fun!
Belly Button: in for now, but definitely changing


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2 responses to “24 Weeks

  1. Abby Lettsome

    Awwwwwwwww! Yay! Thank you so much girl. You look radiant!

  2. Lindsey Scott

    Look at your sweet belly! You have popped!

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