Another Mama in the House

My mom’s been giving me a hard time about my fake plants on the front porch.  We are not fake plant people – we grow beautiful plants!  But I’ve tried to several different plants in my front hanging planter and they all died.  Thus the fake greenery.  So I was sweeping the front porch when I started thinking about trying again, and I looked up at the plant (which was about ten inches from my face) and saw this….

AHHHHHHH!  It scared me so bad I screamed and the bird just stared at me with those creepy dark eyes.


The next day I went out to take some pictures of our little birdy friend.

The clicking of my camera spooked her a bit…maybe it was the twenty or so pictures I took…she squawked and flapped away so loudly I almost jumped off the bench again.  But then I got to see her little babies to be.

Don’t worry little mama, I know just how you feel.  She has since returned to the nest and I quit taking pictures so she’d feel a little better about her home here.


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  1. Abby Lettsome

    This is such a cute post.
    I enjoy your writing :)))))

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