26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 16 pounds
Maternity Clothes: all maternity clothes!  bought my first maternity swimsuit this week…very attractive as you can imagine
Gender: it’s a GIRL!!  Charlotte Smith
Movement: lots of movement
Food Craving: no cravings and no real aversions either
What I miss: energy…starting to feel a little more fatigued lately
Sleep: sleeping great!!  and probably too much
What I am looking forward to: baby showers and getting started on the nursery
Belly Button: in for now, may pop soon!
I went to the doctor this week and my stomach measured at 30 weeks!  The doctor ordered an ultrasound to make sure everything was normal and Smith is measuring a week ahead at 27 weeks.  I have a higher level of amniotic fluid, which is making my stomach measure larger.  So does this mean at 36 weeks I’ll be the same size as 40 weeks?  Ahh!
The ultrasound was really fun because she looked much more like a cute baby than a little baby skeltor…sweet face and heartbeat was so clear this time!
Her little foot that keeps kicking me…

Can’t wait to meet this little girl!


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