Nursery Update

We still have a few items to get, but just thought I’d share a nursery update!!  😉

See before pics here.

The picture collage….since I already had the adorable picture of Chris as a baby, I wanted a place to display photos of both Chris and I as babies, as well as new pictures of Baby Smith.  It started with just a few photos and then turned into the entire wall.  Here is the planning stage…

I pulled some old newspaper out of our recycling bin, and while hanging it on the wall I ran into some friends!  Happy upcoming wedding day Aaron and Anna!

Painting some of the dark frames.  Note: do not buy cheap spray paint!  I haven’t done many painting projects and I made such a mess with the $2 spray paint, then had to go over it with three coats of regular paint.

Finished project (with blank spaces for pictures of Smith and some blank wall spots for hospital bracelets and other mementos)

Finished wall!  (chair will go in the corner and the crib on the right)

Some sweet gifts Smith has received…

Handmade outfits all the way from Aunt Abby in Kenya!

Beautiful quilt from Smith’s great-grandmother Durham! Very special.

Now we’re almost ready for baby!  11 more days until my due date!



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4 responses to “Nursery Update

  1. Lindsey Clevenger

    Love it! I was just asking your mom about the room and she was right it is beautiful! You are very talented! Still want to get you to do some photos of us once things calm down 🙂

  2. Wanda Jackson

    The quilt is beautiful. Did your Nana, my cousin Dianna make the quilt? I love the little outfits from Aunt Abby, so cute.

  3. Diane

    The room looks right out of Pottery Barn Kids! So beautiful and peaceful, very calming, which will be a good thing- for you & baby! Love it!

  4. Lindsey Scott

    Looks like someone is nesting! 🙂 The nursery is adorable!!

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