2 Months

Smith just turned two months old and is getting so big!Smith just started wearing cloth diapers – here she is in her first one.  We got the diapers from a friend and got some great info on this blog.  It is a bit more work, but overall is a good choice for us.
She just started enjoying her play mat, which we use several times a day.One day I walked in and saw this!  Crazy how these tiny milestones are so exciting for a Mommy.  😉These killer eyelashes are also new…We are looking forward to Halloween and Smith’s first trip to the beach in a few weeks!



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4 responses to “2 Months

  1. Abby Lettsome

    Oh Lindz this is so sweet! I love watching her grow 🙂

  2. Hannah W.

    She is so sweet!

  3. Lindsey Scott

    She is beautiful! I love the playmat pics!

  4. These picturs are so sweet. I want to get my hands on her so bad. Maybe soon.

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