Oh Christmas Tree

Cutting down our Christmas tree was one of my favorite holiday traditions as a child.  Not only did we cut down our own tree, we visited the tree farm in October to tag the one we wanted for Christmas.  We drank cider and rode the horse-drawn trailer back to our car and went home to decorate.  And probably ordered Pizza Hut pizza.

Chris and I have some small traditions (we’ve cut down our tree most years), but now that Smith is here I want to start some of our own.  She was super pumped for her first trip to Old Baker Farm.

Some of my other favorite traditions (past and present) & just Christmastime favs:

watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve

the Christmas Eve family service at Dawson – I love hearing all the kids and babies! 😉

making Christmas candy

SANTA! (which we get to start again soon)

christmas movies & music

our unique Christmas tree (we always choose one of the less popular kinds of trees…ours this year reminds me of the grinch who stole christmas)

Merry Christmas!


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