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Smith – the first months

I’ll say it again…I’m the worst blogger ever.  So here are the past eight months of our lives condensed into four minutes.  Enjoy. 🙂


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Our Birth Story

I photographed the amazing birth of a friend’s first child (found here), and little did I know we would be having our first baby almost one year later.  Birth is an amazing thing and I learned firsthand that it goes by so quickly, and much can be forgotten whether you choose a drug-free labor or not (I happily chose the latter).

After my experience of photographing a birth, I knew I wanted our birth to be documented so I called on good friend and fellow photographer, Deidre Lackey.  We arrived at the hospital on a Sunday night with much joy and anxiety about what was to come.  I labored until 4pm the next afternoon when I became fully dilated and ready for baby!  After two hours of pushing, the baby made no progress and the doctor decided a c-section was necessary.  Although we did not get any pictures of the actual birth, the few moments she captured of our family waiting in anticipation for Smith’s arrival were priceless.

It was time!!! (and I have very wrinkly hands, isn't that a sign of wisdom?)

Birth photography is still possible with a c-section because you can capture the first moments with baby and see all of the extended family meeting baby for the first time. Smith was born that evening at 8:27pm, exactly 24 hours and 27 minutes after our arrival.  After an exhausting labor, we were not quite up for any more pictures!

Here are some candids taken immediately following her birth and during our hospital stay…

I LOVE looking back on these memories.  Shameless plug…if you’re in the Birmingham area and would like to have your birth photographed, please contact me!  I’d love to share your special day.

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