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Hello from Africa!

Some of my favorite memories as a child were spent in Girls in Action at First Baptist Church of Ozark, Missouri.  I talk about it a bit more in my post here.

As soon as I joined Dawson back in 2007, I immediately began teaching 3rd grade GAs and have been there ever since!  It’s such a joy to teach young girls about different cultures all over the world and those who commit their lives to Christ and teach others of His love.  My sister Abby and her husband Andrew are currently serving as missionaries in Nanyuki, Kenya, so I’ve been wanting to incorporate them with our girls for a while.  We learn about missionaries every week, and it was so fun for the girls to be able to actually interact with missionaries across the world.  

We looked at their pictures from Africa and I told them about their ministry and daily lives, then the girls got to ask questions for Abby & Andrew to answer.  They made a video and called each of the girls by name when they answered their questions.  It was SO CUTE when we played it back for them…when they would call out a name all the girls would look around for that particular girl and she would be beaming with pride at her few seconds of fame.  And it happened like that for each and every question!  HA!  And for the first time since I started teaching this group, there was complete silence for 15 minutes!!  They very much enjoyed the video and it was so special for them to take the time to make it!  Check it out, the girls had some great questions!

Abby & Andrew are also expecting their first child in August!! 🙂


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