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memorial day weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We swam in the pool at Mimi & Papa Joe’s in Dothan…

Went to church…Chris had to drive back to Birmingham to work, so Smith & I drove on to Pensacola Beach…Enjoyed some watermelon…Then face-planted in the sand…oh yes, we did leave the sand on to take a picture.And went blueberry picking on the way home.  Note to self:  do not get hot and sweaty blueberry picking then continue to drive three and a half hours in the car. Not a fun ride home for Smith or myself.


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smith @ nine months

Smith loves her swing!

Out to dinner with MiMi, Papa Joe, & the Millers!

Cousins are so fun! At the beach with Aunt Rae…this was the first time Smith loved the beach!  She had a lot of fun in the sun and sand.

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Smith – the first months

I’ll say it again…I’m the worst blogger ever.  So here are the past eight months of our lives condensed into four minutes.  Enjoy. 🙂

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first easter

We spent Smith’s first Easter in Pensacola. My mom declared Easter “her holiday” several years ago, so we have been going to Pensacola every year to celebrate the weekend.  Chris ended up having to work the weekend and Smith was up screaming all Saturday night (probably just teething), so we didn’t even get to attend church.  It was still a wonderful weekend and we enjoyed the time with family and friends.

***7/1/12 update…looking back on these pictures, Chris delicately named this her “little piggy” stage…she has definitely thinned out a bit since these pictures!  LOL, my sweet girl!

sweet Amy girlgood times with Nana DurhamUncle Barry & Aunt Dene

How cute is this pic?

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Autumn Days

Fall is here and we are loving the cooler weather!  Smith and I have been busy little bees lately…this is the busy time of year for my photography business, which is great but keeps me so busy!  It’s been a bit challenging, but I’m so thankful that I can work from home and be with Smith all day.

We took a little trip to the beach for Smith’s first visit at Bibi and Babu’s (my mom and dad’s) house!  Our time on the beach was short, as it was chilly and rainy.
My mom looooooves the beach, so she was excited to share it with Smith.

Mommy & Smith

Smith's very first beach towel - monogram and all (not pictured)!

Things got a little crazy when it started raining and the wind was whipping sand all over.

Look at that belly!

We had a great first trip to Gulf Breeze!

Just recently, reports have come out that you should no longer use bumper pads in cribs because of the risk of SIDS.  Smith’s crib was so sweet, I decided to take a picture to remember her bumper pads.  ;(
And here’s an addition to the collage wall…a hippo picture made entirely of banana leaves that Bibi brought back from Africa.

Yesterday, we had a great day at the park with our play group friends.  Here they are in their Halloween costumes!

Annie, Grayson, Smith, Trey, & Mary Morgan It was nap time and Smith was not loving the pictures.

After our friends left and Smith had her nap, we decided to spread our our blanket and stay a bit longer.  Which prompted a photo shoot of course!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing.

I love this little hand! She always keeps her thumb in between her first two fingers like this.


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